The Fox Carbine

Welcome to the Fox Carbine site Message Board. This is an interactive site for collectors and those interested in the Fox, FoxCo and Demro, open bolt carbines invented by Gerard Fox. By clicking on this link you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the rules of the forum.

Forum Rules and Fine Print

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The forum at is moderated. A moderated forum is one in which the Administration takes an active interest. It is closely monitored by the Administration. This means that messages which violate the rules of the forum will be quickly removed and a warning issued. Further rules violations will result in a posting ban until the individual agrees to abide by the rules.

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We don't do politics or religion. We don't use profanity. Messages containing politics, religion, or profanity will be removed.

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On the Internet, just as in face-to-face communications, there are social "niceties". One of the more common mistakes made by new users is the writing of messages using all CAPITAL letters. On Internet forums and Usenet, the use of all capital letters is considered shouting. New users will often use all capital letters in a message and then wonder why other users either don't answer their message or give a curteous reply. Save the all capital letters for when you really want to emphasize a point - no one likes to be yelled at.

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